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What the Quran says about Jesus

How do you feel if someone is criticizing the Bible and claims lots of errors and then you find out they've never read it for themselves?  That cuts both ways.  If you are going to criticize the Quran to a Muslim it would give you credibility if you've read it at least.  James White has a blog posting on about what the Quran says about Jesus.   You may feel overwhelmed thinking about reading the entire Quran but if you read the few Surahs that reference Jesus then you'll be able to at least say to a Muslim: "I've read what the Quran says about Jesus, written over six hundred years after the fact.  I believe there are problems with it.  I entreat you to read the gospels to see what eye witnesses wrote about Jesus, the Prophet Isa, within a few decades of the events."

Reading the Quran in Chronological Order

James White published a chart for a chronological order for the Quran on his blog that would be very helpful for anyone wanting to read through the Quran.  The Quran is ordered by size and not chronology so it can be very confusing.  I recommend printing off his chart and putting it in your copy of the Quran so you'll have it ready for reference.