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30 Questions for JW's

Questions for JW's

Does the WT consider you to be born again?
Do you have a relationship with Jesus?
Does the WT allow you to pray to Jesus?
Does the WT allow you to take communion?
Why does the WT forbid you to do these things Jesus commanded?

Is the 144,000 a literal or figurative number?
Isa 48:12,16

Wheat or Tares?

Questions to check for False Converts.
Are you Born Again?
I've got three minutes to live...
Is Jesus precious to you?


Purpose How to be prepared to contend for the faith when you´re least likely to be ready.
i.e. Saturday afternoon and you are mowing the lawn or you are heading out to do some shopping and the doorbell rings. Uh oh... there are two ladies with satchels or two young men wearing white shirts and clip-on ties.
You may be tempted to hide or tell them bruskly to go away.
After all, this is a really bad time, but isn´t it always?
They are prepared and you´re not. My modest goal is to give you some tools that will allow you to be ready a few weeks or months from now when they come to your door, and they will, count on it.
What about those other challenges like having a neighbor or co-worker talk to you about their heretical church, false religion, or

You don´t want to be starting a fight but you want to say just the right thing.

Questions for Atheists

What is your proof that there isn't a god?

Targum Neofiti - Trinity in Old Testament

I heard Mark Driscoll answer this question about the trinity in the Old Testament and had this very interesting answer about Targum Neofiti. I checked some other places and found some confirmation on what he said. Here's the short video segment of this very interesting assertion:

I found this on a Jews for Jesus site:
The Pre-existing Word

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.2 He was in the beginning with God.3 All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.
John 1:14 And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.
The ancient Jewish Aramaic translation of Genesis 1:1, as found in "Targum Neofiti," which dates before Yeshua was born reads as follows,

"In the beginning, with wisdom (hebrew Khokhmah), the Son and Memra of the LORD…

Messianic Jews (legalistic)

Jer 31:31
Law given to Jews not gentiles
third of law tied to the land.
Ariel ministries

Questions for Muslims

If Allah made Judas appear to be Jesus on the cross then isn't he being a deceiver

and isn't Allah responsible for the creation of Christianity?

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon

This is an excellent video about the problems with the Book of Mormon.

A question you might want to ask a Mormon is: "Why doesn't the DNA research evidence not support the claims of the Book of Mormon at all when it does confirm the Jewish connections of a tribe in Africa for instance and can even document the Levitical line of priests?"

May I pray for you?

Compassion and love should be the mark of a Christian as Jesus commanded. Many times there are wasted opportunities to minister to others when you don't have the skills for the problem someone has. If you have ears that work you can at least listen. The next thing to do is ask them if you can pray for them. Even if you are in a work environment, especially during a break, there should be no problem in asking if you can pray for the person who is troubled. The next step is very important if they agree. Ask them if you can pray with them right now. You can tell them you're afraid you'll forget to pray for them and break your word. If they agree then you can say a prayer aloud with them asking for God's blessing. They may feel a bit awkward, and you too, but since they gave you permission you are in a great position to minister to them by going to God in prayer. This may really build a bond of trust and allow you to minister more in the future.

What if you have…

Do I have to belong to your organization?

Greg Koukl offers this excellent question on this subject:
"In order to have right standing with God, to be saved, do I have to be a member of your organization."
They believe that to be true but it is awkward for them to say so.
If they do admit that is what they believe then follow up with "Would you please show me in your Bible where it says that anyone needs to be a member of any organization to be saved, much less the Watchtower Society that has only be around for less than 150 years?" This is the Missouri "Show Me!" question in action.

True Jesus, who is he? CARM

True Jesus, who is he? CARM

This article gives some good support for the question, "Do you pray to Jesus?" Few cultists will pray to Jesus. Bring up the scriptures to correct them if they say they shouldn't pray to Jesus. 1 Cor 1:1,2

A related question, "Do you call Jesus your Lord and your God?" Why not? Thomas did. John 20:28

Interesting Quotes from the Watchtower Magazine, CARM

Interesting Quotes from the Watchtower Magazine, CARM

CARM sums up a lot of quotes from JW literature about how you are saved only by being associated with the Watchtower.

CARM resources on JW's

Jehovah's Witnesses

CARM has some excellent resources for understanding and witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses. I will highlight the parts of CARM that are most useful for the Five Minute Ministry site.

Deity of Christ: Case Closed

This is a very interesting and useful tactic in demonstrating the deity of Christ but I wouldn't use it in a first encounter because the overall tactic is to go after the weaker areas first, the ones they don't have all their defenses up for. Go around the Maginot Line, as it were. Still, this is a very important tool in the arsenal of defending the deity of Christ thanks to Greg Koukl.

Five Minute Ministry is born!

About eight years ago I was at an apologetics conference in St. Louis and a former Jehovah's Witness, Charles Smith, relayed a very interesting story. He said he was asking another man, who had been a JW for forty years, what was the first thing that made him start to doubt the Watchtower Society. The man told him, "Thirty-three years ago a good Christian woman asked me a question I couldn't answer. She asked, 'Why do you think it was so important to Jesus that you are born again?' I didn't have a good answer to that question and it bothered me." This story has always made me think that if this man had been asked more questions like that, ones he couldn't answer, then it probably wouldn't have taken so long for him to leave the Watchtower.

With this in mind, I've been thinking of those kind of questions that the average Christian, the ones who don't want, and aren't prepared for a long debate, could ask the Jehovah's Witness or…