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Zombies at Your Door? They come slowly down your sidewalk, two or three at a time.  They show little emotion and no enthusiasm but they are after you.  They are seeking out those who aren't yet like them.  Their brains have been afflicted and they cannot reason on their own any longer and they want your brain too.  They are Jehovah's Witnesses. 

Christian, certainly there is hyperbole in this characterization but it isn't that far off the mark.  When the JW's are going door to door they aren't rewarded by achieving high numbers but are putting in their time.  They face rejection almost everywhere they go so it is understandable to not have any enthusiasm for this task. 

No, these aren't zombies who are walking dead people like the movies and TV shows.  They are made in the image of God and, like you, were once 'spiritually' dead in their sins and need to be born again from above.  Now, what if your encounter at the door were filmed for a TV show would …