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Answering Skeptics' Challenges #2 - Doesn't God care about evil?

In last week's lesson we talked about how faith equals trust.  There is a saying that I read in David Robertson's book, "The Dawkins Letters", that I think was very relevant to this equation of faith and trust.  I found it very profound.  The saying was "All that I have seen has taught me to trust the Creator for all that I have not seen."  This trust is built upon our continued experience of God and his creation. We'll come back to this later.

Today’s class which deals with the question “Doesn’t God care about evil?” seems especially relevant because of the deadly tornado in Joplin and all the other disasters we face.  We may hear the question or we may have the question ourselves, Doesn’t God care about evil?  This is the perennial question that keeps coming up and it is a hard one to answer but it is very important that we have a good answer and work through it.  We need to be able to answer the challenge from the atheist, as we’ll see in the video, b…