May I pray for you?

Compassion and love should be the mark of a Christian as Jesus commanded. Many times there are wasted opportunities to minister to others when you don't have the skills for the problem someone has. If you have ears that work you can at least listen. The next thing to do is ask them if you can pray for them. Even if you are in a work environment, especially during a break, there should be no problem in asking if you can pray for the person who is troubled. The next step is very important if they agree. Ask them if you can pray with them right now. You can tell them you're afraid you'll forget to pray for them and break your word. If they agree then you can say a prayer aloud with them asking for God's blessing. They may feel a bit awkward, and you too, but since they gave you permission you are in a great position to minister to them by going to God in prayer. This may really build a bond of trust and allow you to minister more in the future.

What if you haven't been the best example of a Christian at work and you think you'd sound like a hypocrite? Start off with an apology, "I know I haven't been a great example of the Christian life as I should, so please forgive me, because I think it is important to pray over important concerns like yours. May I pray for you? ..."


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