Purpose How to be prepared to contend for the faith when you´re least likely to be ready.
i.e. Saturday afternoon and you are mowing the lawn or you are heading out to do some shopping and the doorbell rings. Uh oh... there are two ladies with satchels or two young men wearing white shirts and clip-on ties.
You may be tempted to hide or tell them bruskly to go away.
After all, this is a really bad time, but isn´t it always?
They are prepared and you´re not. My modest goal is to give you some tools that will allow you to be ready a few weeks or months from now when they come to your door, and they will, count on it.
What about those other challenges like having a neighbor or co-worker talk to you about their heretical church, false religion, or

You don´t want to be starting a fight but you want to say just the right thing.


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